Amazon Fires Android
Android FaithfulNovember 15, 2023
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Amazon Fires Android

The longest episode of Android Faithful yet and it's a doozy! Mishaal Rahman, Huyen Tue Dao and Ron Richards are joined by Janko Roettgers of Lowpass to talk the Amazon/Android news plus a Huyen Dev rant, the Humane AI Pin and a ton more.

Featured in this episode:

NEWS: Janko Roettgers of Lowpass joins to discuss his scoop about Amazon developing their own OS to replace Android on their devices. Huawei is also ditching Android with HarmonyOS Next. Google Play Store makes some changes to support "High Quality" apps, but at what cost? Huyen has feelings. Google turns to the EU to help get Apple to support RCS while Nothing adds iMessage support to their phones. Black Friday deals are coming from Nothing and Google. More revelations from the Epic Games Vs. Google lawsuit. And we have a double patron pick with GBoard fixing landscape typing and Google's sweetheart deal offered to Netflix.

HARDWARE: The Humane AI pin runs Android!?!? A sneak leak peek of the OnePlus Watch 2. Samsung getting onboard the AI train with the S24. Qualcomm and Iridium call it quits over satellite phones.

APPS: Android 14 finally supports dual screen support for apps. Google Home gets AI and a new tiles screen.

COMMUNITY: Issai, Linda, Brandon and Peter weigh in on Chrome tabs and Kevin from Pittsburgh has a tale of woe for hardware support from Google.

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