Beeper Blasts Blue Bubble Bullying
Android FaithfulDecember 06, 2023
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Beeper Blasts Blue Bubble Bullying

It's a HUGE show as Eric Migicovsky of Beeper and long time friend of the show Shannon Morse join as Huyen Tue Dao and Mishaal Rahman return, along with Ron Richards to discuss the world rocking news of Beeper Mini and the unveiling of the OnePlus 12 and more!

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NEWS: Eric Migicovsky of Beeper walks us through Beeper Mini and graciously answers all of our questions. This is a major step forward for unified messaging and we're honored that Eric gave us some of us time to talk about it! In addition we break down the new features in Google Messages and the latest Android feature drops. We get a non-update on Find My Device (boo Apple again!) and the Patron News Pick shares the news that it's easier to set a specific ringtone for a contact in the Google Contacts app.

HARDWARE: The OnePlus 12 is unveiled in China and happy 10 years to OnePlus! Rumors abound about the size of the front screen on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6 and Nothing is rolling out apparel!

APPS: Google announces the Best Apps of 2023 in the Google Play store. Google Keep gets an AI assistant for making lists and you can soon use your Android as a webcam on with Microsoft's Phone Link.

COMMUNITY: Ryan from Garden Grove wants earbud recommendations and Yevhenii Bronnykov shares that we were the #1 podcast in his Spotify Wrapped for 2023.

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