Fossil Becomes Fossilized
Android FaithfulJanuary 31, 2024
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Fossil Becomes Fossilized

Ron, Jason, Huyen, and Mishaal are joined by Florence Ion to discuss what Samsung is doing right, what Google is doing wrong, and what Onn has that Logitech doesn't.

Featured in this episode:


  • Google Pixel devices lose Assistant microphone shortcut
  • Google accidentally reveals Assistant with Bard demo video
  • Google may rename Assistant with Bard to Gemini
  • Flo LOVES Circle to Search
  • Pixel Feature Drop for January 2024
  • Samsung, Google preparing Wear OS 5 based on Android 14
  • Wear OS preps for Material You, hints at grid app launcher
  • Android allows eSIM transfer between phones
  • Patron News Story Pick: Critical storage permission bug in Pixel phones
  • Google halts January 2024 GPSU rollout due to device issues


  • Fossil exits smartwatches
  • Galaxy S24 may detect car crashes
  • Honor’s Magic V2 foldable launches in Europe and UK
  • Ron looks at the Logitech K480 Keyboard paired with Pixel Tablet


  • Chromecast with Google TV to receive incoming call notifications
  • Google Assistant revamped on Android Auto with AI
  • Upgrade to Passkeys on Pixel phones with Google Password Manager


  • Chad suggests gestures for AR computing instead of virtual keyboards
  • Mike shares how alcohol saved his water-damaged phone

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