Is That A Tablet In Your Hammock Or...
Android FaithfulNovember 08, 2023
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Is That A Tablet In Your Hammock Or...

It's a packed episode of Android Faithful as Myriam Joire, aka Tnkgrl joins Mishaal Rahman, Huyen Tue Dao and Ron Richards for the latest in the world of Android in the past week, and this week there was a lot!

Featured in this episode:

NEWS: Sales numbers are DOWN for Google, Samsung and even Apple in the US, Epic Games Vs. Google gets underway in court, Apple almost released the Apple Watch for Android!?!? And the Patron Pick was all about the AI behind Google's Weather App Nowcast technology.

HARDWARE: OnePlus is bringing OpenCanvas from the OnePlus Open to the OnePlus Pad and Myriam shares her thoughts on the OnePlus Open, Qualcomm confirms an Exynos-Snapdragon split on Samsung Galaxy S24s, the Mediatek Dimensity 9300 chipset arrives and Lenovo brings us tablet based fashion.

APPS: Google Messages starts rolling out multi-device pairing, Shopping Lists move from Assistant back to Google Keep and Meta reveals Google won't bring Google Play to VR.

COMMUNITY: Jeff is looking for recommendations for mid-range phones and Brandon wants to know how many tabs we all have open?

Huge thanks to Myriam Joire for joining us this week, follow Myriam online and listen to the Mobile Tech podcast.

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