OnePlus Open Your Wallet
Android FaithfulOctober 25, 2023
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OnePlus Open Your Wallet

It's the core AF crew as Ron Richards, Mishaal Rahman, and Huyen Tue Dao talk foldables, messages, generative AI and all the other buzzwords of Android these days.

Featured in this episode:

NEWS: Some states now support IDs in Google Wallet and Huyen gave it a try, Android Safe Browsing is real and Repair Mode for Android may be coming. The Patron's Picked the news that Google may be integrating Assistant into a Glasses wearble (again)!

HARDWARE: Hands on with the OnePlus Open and Mishaal and Ron both love the phone. It may be the best option for a folding form factor foldable and definitely worth the look. Mishaal breaks down the news coming out of the Snapdragon summit and the FCC opens up the 6ghz band.

APPS: Google making apps on Foldables even better, WhatsApp supports multiple accounts and Google Messages makes multi-device access easier. Google Photos uses AI to make video highlights and now stores RAW. YouTube Music uses AI to make art for playlists.

COMMUNITY: Eddie sends in his Photospheres, Mark also used Photospheres, Sam wants to know how to car mount a foldable, Hilton is having an issue with Android 14 betas, and Derrick loves Android 14 and the battery life.

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