Very Pixel-ated
Android FaithfulOctober 11, 2023
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Very Pixel-ated

We cannot think of a better episode for Florence Ion to come on to Android Faithful for the first time than the post-Pixel Event episode! Flo joins the chat with Ron Richards, Mishaal Rahman, and Huyen Tue Dao to breakdown the latest from Google coming out of the Pixel 8 event and all the surprises, drama, Artificial Intelligence drinking game and underrated announcements that goes along with it. So much so that Huyen gets a little out!

Featured in this episode:

NEWS: SO MUCH NEWS! And SO MUCH AI! Made by Google/Pixel 8 Event recap, A little about Android vs Pixel branding, Pixel Secure Face Unlock is a gamechanger, as is the Ultra HDR in Android 14, Google's pledge for 7 years of updates, Samsung trying to get involved in the action, Assistant with Bard is a for real life thing, Google wins over Sonos and the Patron Pick is the Pixel 8 teardown video.

HARDWARE: No low-end phone from Google confirmed, but the Pixel 8A has leaked, and OnePlus releases a new tablet and it looks like the OnePlus Open foldable is real and coming soon.

APPS: Going deep on Android QPR1 Beta 2 and Samsung OneUI 6.0 officially launches

COMMUNITY: Ryuu Minastas via Patreon shares an Android Auto experience.

Thanks to Florence Ion for coming onto the show, check her writing out at

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