Pixel Drop Or Pixel Dribble?
Android FaithfulMarch 06, 2024
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Pixel Drop Or Pixel Dribble?

Ron, Jason, Huyen, and guest Will Sattelberg dive into Will's experience in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress, plus Jason has the Nothing Phone (2a) and rooted phones lose RCS.


  • Google is blocking RCS on rooted Android devices
  • Pixel feature drop: New productivity tools and advanced health features
  • Google prepares to add 'Satellite SOS' feature on Pixel devices
  • Google prepares 'Satellite SOS' emergency feature for Pixel devices.
  • Patron News Story Pick: Google Phone is going to make talking more fun with sound reactions and effects


  • I miss when the world's biggest phone show wasn't all about prototypes
  • MWC 2024 was weird, and I couldn’t be happier about it
  • These Companies Have a Plan to Kill Apps
  • Deutsche Telekom/T-Mobile: AI Could Replace the Apps on Your Phone. I've Seen It With My Own Eyes
  • Humane AI Pin: The most jaw-dropping demo at MWC was from a brand I wasn't expecting to see
  • A Phone, A Friend
  • Jason's Nothing Phone (2a) hands-on


  • Microsoft is killing support for running Android apps on Windows 11
  • YouTube's free picture-in-picture mode could go global really soon
  • A new look for “Your apps” row


  • Setting volume based on Bluetooth device
  • Routines in the Clock app

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